Equal Opportunities

Pentreffest believes that everyone has the right to participate in the society's activities as a member of the committee, an artist, tutor or participant.

No-one will be prevented from taking part in the society's activities on the basis of their age, gender, social background, religion or ethnicity.

To encourage everyone to participate, whatever their abilities, in the society's activities, it will be ensured that events are held in venues which are easily accessible for wheelchair users and which have suitable facilities. Special steps will be taken to encourage people with special needs to participate, for example by ensuring that local groups which represent people with disabilities receive information about Pentreffest activities and by offering tickets at a reduced price to carers.

The Pentreffest committee will revise the policy, its implementation and its reach regularly. Local groups which represent different sections of society will be consulted to improve the accessibility of the activities offered to everyone.

Child Protection

Pentreffest considers people under 16 years old to be children.

To protect any child who wishes to take part in the organisation's activities, Pentreffest takes the following steps:

    • Pentreffest welcomes any child of any age to take part in the organisation's activities
    • Any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Pentreffest will not organise activities where participating children come into one-to-one contact with a volunteer or tutor.